The first drop will be huuuuge.

Australia’s best roller-coaster is coming to Movie World – DC Rivals Hypercoaster

61m high, 115k/ph down, and you can do it all backwards (if you choose). This is what was announced today at Warner Bros. Movie World’s media event underneath the track of what will become Australia’s best roller-coaster and arguably, one of the best in the world.

What makes this unique?

Hypercoasters (a name given to roller-coasters that are between 60-80m tall) are globally renowned for being right at the sweet spot for offering the best possible thrills on a roller-coaster. Looking at multiple polls globally, almost all of the best ranked coasters are hypercoasters. Not too big, not too small, just right. Nothing else in Australia comes close to it, sitting at just over 61m tall means it dwarfs Buzzsaw (Dreamworld’s tallest full circuit roller-coaster) by 15m and towers over Movie World’s current premiere roller-coaster by nearly a third. Height isn’t the only behemoth here, the track’s colossal length, which at 1.4km also surpasses anything in Oz, is dripping with never before seen turns and bends. It’ll also feature a rarity in the coaster world, a non-inverting loop, and quite possibly the most intense one yet.


The first drop will be huuuuge.
Could this be the world’s most intense non-inverting loop?
Don’t worry, there’s an endless run of craziness to sink your teeth into.

Of course the cherry on top is that each train will have the last carriage spun 180 glorious degrees, so if you’re the kind who likes to test the limits of what you can stomach, you can do the whole ride backwards.

When & where can I ride this?

Now officially known as the “DC Rivals Hypercoaster”, the majority of the fuschia track is already in place, with Warner Bros. Movie World aiming for an October launch. It’ll be placed in a new DC precinct, along with existing rides such as Justice League, Green Lantern & Batwing Spaceshot.

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