Australia’s best roller-coaster is being announced today

The media call out has gone out for 12pm today for Warner Bros. Movie World to finally announce their earth shattering new hypercoaster, hotly rumoured to be literally DC named and adorned with DC theming.

What do we know so far?

Given its a hypercoaster (a term given to roller-coasters that are 60-80m tall), it’s all but officially confirmed to be at least 60m in height. Based off reports from earlier in the year, it’ll nip at the heels of “The Flash” in China (another hyper-coaster manufactured by ride designer, Mack) and top out at 115k/ph and reach upwards of 1.5km’s in never before seen in Oz bends, turns and all out craziness.

One of the key elements hidden in the middle of the craziness is a non-inverting loop. Confirmed by pages of Parkz discussion, this will be one of the signatures of Movie World’s new roller-coaster, flinging riders a full 360 degrees at the top of a traditional loop found on roller-coasters like Hot Wheels Sidewinder. Think Buzzsaw (Dreamworld’s signature roller-coaster) combined with a full length out and back style roller-coaster and you’ve scratched the surface of what’s coming soon.

The Flash is a great example of what Australia’s about to get.

Many Parkz articles have noted what’s already been built. A stengel dive, a giant turn that dumps riders beyond vertical high up in the air was one of the first elements to be constructed earlier in the year, with many other giant dives and turns making up the mess of track that’s now in place for people to see as they enter the park.

What don’t we know so far?

A name. It’s hotly rumoured the park has changed the name of the ride multiple times, all but halving the time they had to drum up hype for the coaster’s launch. Given the station is in the DC area of the park, it’s all but confirmed that it’ll feature one (or a bunch) of DC’s crazy characters. Looking at the track, a hot guess is a Joker themed integration to some degree, but time will tell.

A date has also yet to be set, although looking at the pace of construction against other builds around the world, October is a realistic benchmark, which gives the park plenty of time to ensure that should they sate a date in stone, they’ll have plenty of time to test and re-test.

Quick recap

60m, 115k/ph, 1.5km, launching October with a DC name. Give or take a little, this is what we know, all of which will be confirmed later today.

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