Movie World’s new Batman Exhibit is all kinds of awesome

If you’re a Batman fan like I am, then Movie World’s new “Batman Legacy” exhibit won’t disappoint. Opening Boxing Day, I was extremely excited to take a real world peak into the caped crusader’s world. Described by the park as “the largest official Warner Bros. Batman exhibition in the Southern Hemisphere,”, the lofty expectation was met and then some, ultimately rekindling my love for Batman’s cinematic history.

Once you make your way past the garish entrance area (garish because the entrance is nestled in the park’s Wild West themed area), guests are immersed within the world of everything Batman. From meticulously preserved costumes worn by Micheal Keaton, Jim Carrey and Uma Thurman, to props and costumes from the newest Batman movie, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice there’s plenty to absorb. It’s all presented well – enough satiate any fan wanting to visit a Bat lair anytime soon.

On top of that, guests are presented with the opportunity to comb over some of the Batman film’s most iconic vehicles, ranging from the sleek 1989 Batmobile, to the Penguin’s giant rubber ducky.

The aforementioned Rubber Duck, used by The Penguin in the 1992 film, Batman Returns.

As for the exhibits vibes, well, read on and check out the photos…

Screen used Batsuit worn by Micheal Keaton & Jack Nicholson’s iconic Joker outfit.

Underscored by Danny Elfman’s iconic 1989 Batman theme, your journey begins with various screen-used items from Tim Burton’s classic films. Micheal Keaton’s original Batsuit and the The Joker’s Henchmen leather bomber jacket represent the Bat’s cinematic debut. Also featured is The Joker’s iconic purple and orange overcoat, played and worn by Jack Nicholson himself.

The Joker’s Henchmen wrecked havoc in style.
The entire exhibition makes great use of large scenic backdrops, both printed, and hand painted.
These costumes look just as good as they did when first featured on screen decades ago. Pictured here is one of The Penguins outfits, worn by Danny Devito.

In a somewhat odd decision, the next movie you’re presented with is also the newest represented in the “Batman Legacy” exhibition. Although it feels quite out of place within the experience, it still offers fans a look at some more screen used items, so we can’t complain too much, right?

Ben Affleck’s Classic Batsuit is the “big ticket” item on display, representing this film. It is accompanied by a few smaller props including Batman’s Grappling Gun.
Although this is my least favourite Batman film, the craftsmanship used in creating the 2017 movie is still something to marvel at. For the Batman Cowl nerds out there, this is the first one to permanently conceal Bruce Waynes eyes.

Rounding the corner, we enter the Joel Schumacher era. Both Batman Forever, and Batman & Robin are known as brighter and more comical movies, which is perfectly reflected via the costuming within these films.

Harvey Dent (aka Two Face) fuchsia split suit worn by Tommy Lee Jones in the foreground makes and appearance.
The 1995 Batmobile also reflects the brighter tone Joel Schumacher opted for in his films.

Unlike majority of the other items found within this experience, all of the Batmobile’s featured are replicas, already owned by Movie World, all of which have been featured in the park previously. An exception to that is Batmissile, which was screen-used.

After being absent for over a decade, Movie World once again has again is home to an outrageous jewelled unitard.
The Nygmatech “Box” is just one of the iconic props on display from this movie.
Val Kilmer’s Batsuit is also on display within the Batcave.
The Batnipples are shown as part of the display for Batman & Robin!
This is possibly one of my favourite props within the entire exhibition. The detail that goes into an item like this is mind boggling, especially when you consider it may only be featured for a few seconds.

The large major section of the showcase exhibition plays homage to the Christopher Nolan trilogy. Featuring a vast range of props and costumes from all 3 films, this is possibly the most impressive area.

Movie World’s original “Tumbler” which has been seen in park since Batman Begins debut in 2005, forms part of this exhibit.
Heath Ledgers Nurse Uniform, which was worn in possibly one of the most iconic scenes in The Dark Knight can be found within.

It is safe to say, this is by far the best version of the Studio Showcase. The lighting, sound design and set dressing within the building creates a truly immersive experience.

My only gripe is the location of the exhibit mentioned earlier in the article. Understandably it does make the most sense business wise, utilising a large empty space, opposed to constructing a new, purpose built soundstage. However I can’t help but feel like this exhibit would thrive that extra little bit if it was afforded a more prominent location within the park, nestled in amongst existing DC attractions.

Want to see more? Below is even more from within the exhibit! Make sure you brave the crowds and experience this attraction for yourself.

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