Big Dipper Build Update – 17th August – Luna Park Sydney

Today’s update was captured a few minutes before Sydney was due to experience further COVID-19 restrictions. While i’m sure plenty of folks are happy to see a fresh OurWorlds photo update, sadly this may be the last Big Dipper update for a hot minute while Sydney (& the rest of NSW) goes into lockdown. That being said, if you live near Luna Park Sydney and want to contribute, feel free to reach out on Instagram.

If you don’t know what Luna Park Sydney is building, here’s a refresher of what’s (hopefully) coming this year:

Now that you’ve seen the 3D animation and we’ve done a quick COVID disclaimer, here’s some photos courtesy of Evan Box (cheers mate!)

Most of the large sections of track are now in place and is looking bloody brilliant.
Walking around Luna Park Sydney, the Big Dipper now creates some really neat silhouettes.
This part here really is the main event and will make or break this coaster.
Looking a smidge closer, the amount of “stuff” Luna Park has crammed into this space is staggering, crazy to think there’s three-odd coasters (and a bunch of rides, including the inverting Sledgehammer gyro swing) in that section now.
From almost any angle, this coaster is pretty AF, even if Intamin took a very liberal-use with the term “single-rail.”
Plenty of axillary, maintenance and other Intamin parts have arrived in crates on-site. If Sea World or Dreamworld are anything to go by, this will become theming any day now.
Shiny. So yeah, it’s got that going for it, which is pretty nice.
Intamin parts. Stackable and totally “palatable.” (Look, there’s only so much you can write when it comes to boxes, okay?)
Those tyres are going to placed into two launch sections which will hopefully be a fun pop of speed.
The other aforementioned launch section.
And we’ll finish with this arty photo.

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