This. This is what's happening.

Rivals’ monster non-inverting loop tops out as construction quickens

Warner Bros. Movie World’s gigantic new Mack Hypercoaster continues to be bolted together piece by piece, now at lightning pace, with the non-inverting loop being topped out yesterday. According to the park’s General Manager, Greg Yong, “it’s going to really accelerate in the next week or so.”

Never heard of a non-inverting loop or don’t know what it’ll be like? This is what to expect:

But enough videos, what’s happening at Movie World?

This. This is what’s happening.
Majestic? Yes.
Always good to check to make sure that it’s bolted in, because you know, #safety
Unlike the video posted above, the train on Rivals is going to absolutely blast through the non-inverting loop.
More hipster angles.
So, what’s next?
By all accounts, the giant lift hill is going to be completed next, quickly becoming the biggest ride at Movie World.
Would be sweet if I could pick up a roll of that tape at Bunnings.
Here’s some lift hill bits so you can, uhmm, visualise what a lift hill looks like, I guess.
I wonder what’s in that box on the left? Guess we’ll never know.
Expect a little bit more of this on site soon.


Photo Credit: Luke Sciacchitano (massive thanks as always)


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