DC Super Heroes and Villains – The Event That Was

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By now I’m sure you would’ve heard about the most recent event that was run at Warner Bros. Movie World these past school holidays. No? Ok… well this is the article for you then. Sit back and enjoy as we provide you a look back at the DC Super Heroes and Villains Event.

Back on the 2nd of June 2017, Warner Bros. Movie World teased to fans, the plan to bring a Super Heroes and Villains event to the park for the school holiday period. On 24th of June, the day trade event launched. Proving a huge success on night one alone with thousands of theme park guest staying behind to watch the premiere of the brand new parade, at no extra cost!


Having the opportunity to attend on multiple occasions, one thing that never changed from day to day was the atmosphere. Everyday you would see people donning the capes, and in some cases, full costumes to show their love for the many characters on show during the event. There was not a single time I walked up Main Street without seeing at least 5 different characters, interacting with guest, taking photos and generally having a great old time. The street area was given a makeover, featuring crashed cars, hero motorbikes, comical cutout photo stations and meet and great areas.

This is one thing the park just seem to always get spot on. Whether it’s a scare zone at Fright Night, Santa Village at White Christmas or the Plaza Party for Carnivale. Movie World know how to change the atmosphere of the entire park, using tools as simple as a changed audio playlist, to things as extravagant as full set pieces, filled with props, voices and smoke. It just always seems so right!

DC Super Heroes and Villans Event
Token “Check Out This Awesome Ice Cream” Shot

The Parade

Warner Bros. Movie World have been known to produce extravagant parades for their successful night time events Carnivale & White Christmas, this event was no exception to that fact. The event provided guests with a brilliant opportunity to view and meet their favourite heroes and villains one last time each night. Featuring impressive new floats, neat lighting and FIRE!, there was certainly something for everyone who braved the cold and hung around till 6pm.

DC Super Heroes and Villans Event

Generally the Parade was lead by Wonder Woman, perched high up on her new float, following her would be a cavalcade of heroes and villains. Rather then the standard Movie World parade model (run some floats up and down the street) this parade featured choreographed dances, fight sequences and a custom soundtrack. We saw the addition of two new floats, Wonder Woman’s Themyscira temple and Penguins “Truck Load of Musscle” featuring quite a lot of fire.

All in all this was one of the best parades we have seen in quite a long time. Giving theme park nerds a nice treat after we saw the removal of the extremely popular Carnivale parade early January this year.

DC Super Heroes and Villans Event

The Ultimate Experience

Movie World have a history in immersive up-charge experiences. First making debut in the form of the Terror Tour during the Fright Night season and then again as the Elf Club for White Christmas, the Super Heroes and Villains event offered it’s own full day special experience.

Coming in at just over $150 for General Public (Not including park entry) or $100 for Pass Holders, you were treated to a full day of special treatment.

Included in this price was everything listed below. You may scream at the price, but if you break it down item by item, it was extremely good value.

  • $50 – Breakfast with the Stars
  • $20 – Lockers for continuous access throughout the day
  • VIP Seating for Hollywood Stunt Driver
  • $5 – VR on Arkham Asylum
  • $15 – A Doomsday Precinct RFID Interactive band
  • $25 – Lunch in the Ricks Cafe Buffet
  • $12.99 – Unlimited Drink Refill Tumbler
  • $29.99 – Fast Photo, giving you all your ride photos for the day
  • $65 – Fast Track, allowing you to skip the queues on select rides
  • $6 – Single Scoop of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream
  • Designated Parade Viewing Area

I honestly believe this was the best way to experience the event. From start to finish the entire day was planned out for you. Ensuring you got to see and do everything that was on offer.

Up-Charge Experiences

However, if you weren’t in the business of dropping a casual $150 per person, you were able to pick and choose as to what you participated in. Breakfast with the Stars ($50) was offered each morning as a separately ticket experience, as was the Lunch ($25). If your kids were looking to become a superhero for the day, Movie World were offering a full, “Suit Up” experience.  The entire experience was priced at $69 and included a full hair and make-up session, before guests were suited up in super hero attire. Also on offer was the Junior Justice League Experience. Described as a fun filled morning of Super Hero Training, guests participated in an 1.5 hour long experience filled with a few surprises.

DC Super Heroes and Villans Event

The Entertainment

From rope drop in Main Street, to the 6pm Parade, there was show upon show, 16 to be precise. Every one featuring their own story line, character line up and sometimes too comical fight sequence. It was seriously Kick Ass! You had everything from Oswald Cobblepot running his own election campaign at Gotham hall, to the Riddler dancing up a storm. Some crowd favourites always seemed to be Joker and Harley show in the centre of Main Street. But how could you say no to Poison Ivy and her seductive ways…. guests were able to watch Ivy and her crowd create all sorts of havoc in the Plaza.

With over 28 different meet and greet times throughout each day, you were pretty much guaranteed some one on one time with your favourite characters. Every meet and great had it’s own park supplied photographer, who was sure to capture all the magic. Eliminating the need for you and your family to do the standard camera juggle. Just trying to get everyone in the same photo would usually be quite a hassle.

This has honestly been the best line up of entertainment the park has seen since the removal of the highly popular Police Academy Stunt Show. I will actually be quite sad to see the park to return to it’s standard “impromptu” shows throughout the day. Showtimes, we actually had Showtimes for this event! Guests knew exactly what time the action was going down making sure they didn’t miss a beat. This is something that has been lacking for quite sometime now.

The Future

For the most part, this event seemed to be a huge hit with the guests. Everyday you’d see hundreds of young ones (and the young at heart) dressing up as their favourite characters. Proving that there is without a doubt, a huge fanbase for these types of events.

With the DC Rivals HyperCoaster opening this October, we are no doubt going to be seeing more of the DC characters forcing making their way back into the park. In saying that, it will be interesting to see in what way. Whether it’s a simple photo opportunity twice a day, or a full blown show in the show stage. We will also most likely see the return of this event. Quite possibly this time as a separately ticketed experience, hopefully with a few changes.

What did you think of this event? Let us know below….

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