Australia’s first roller-coaster climb has arrived

As if bringing Superman flying back into Warner Bros. Movie World wasn’t a big enough head-liner for the park today (the character version that roams the park has been gone after an incident in another park overseas prompted WB & DC to pull the superhero from parks globally) Movie World have followed up great news with an extra side of awesome-sauce and have introduced Star Tours.


What’s Star Tours and why is it awesome?

Star Tours is awesome for two reasons. One, every thrillseeker that’s ever enjoyed a roller-coaster or a good solid attraction has secretly wanted to climb it or discover the behind the scenes and figure out what makes it tick. Star Tours let’s you do that, and for the first time in Australia, let’s you climb a roller-coaster before the park opens and discover some previously incredibly rare views.

Secondly, and perhaps more personal for me, is that I was lucky enough to produce the cool film & photo Warner Bros. Movie World used to launch Star Tours. What an incredible experience to work with a great bunch of folks who have worked tirelessly to offer something that I really think’s going to knock your socks off. For me as a creator, nothing delights me more then being able to work on or stand behind a product I believe in, and Star Tours is pretty slick.


So what do you experience in Star Tours?

Let’s start by prefacing something here. I’m not going to ignore the clear bias that I have right now considering that Dreamworld offer a similar VIP style experience. I haven’t done their VIP experience as a guest or as a blogger, and until that changes i’m not going to start drawing comparisons between the two. With that totally out in the open, let’s get back to talking about Star Tours.

With Star Tours, you’re going to get to see and do some stuff you never thought possible. Warner Bros. Movie World have some amazing attractions, and each one of them has its own world of interesting facts and knowledge that for years has been in the hands of the few. Not anymore though. Now everyday guests will get to really get up close in a way that’s taken months of hard effort and dedication to make sure it’s a really unique experience.

From a shot by shot standpoint, you’re going to get to climb Arkham Asylum roller-coater and take in the Gold Coast like you’ve never seen it. You know that room inside Scooby Doo with the lasers that you almost never get to take in because it’s pitch dark? You’ll get to walk through there and see it with the lights on. And the same goes for Justice League and parts of Superman Escape too. Plus you get a literal cheauffer for the entire day as you get fast track access to rides, shows and characters and lunch. Neato.

And the price? Not eye-wateringly painful. Certainly not out of reach. Of course that’s going to be different for everyone, i’m not denying it’s a bit of money to fork out upfront. Would I say its worth it? A hundred times yes, especially when you look at the pricing from the likes of Disney & Universal overseas for a similar experience, this is actually incredible value for money.

For now, the videos do a better job explaining what the experience is like then me spending another few minutes waffling on. In trying to keep some kind of journalistic integrity, I won’t throw in a review score on this one, certainly not while I haven’t done Dreamworld’s to form a reliable comparison. In any case, even if you’re not an enthusiast, I do encourage you to check it out and try it. If you have family in town and you want to do something that’s going to be memorable for years to come, Star Tours is just another layer of brilliance that’s continued to beam from Warner Bros. Movie World.

Editor’s Note: As a side addition, naturally because of maintenance schedules and weather, the attractions you may get to tour might vary, either way, you’ll still have an awesome day.

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