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Dreamworld Guide & Review – Australia’s greatest one-stop experience

If there’s one thing Dreamworld, Australia’s largest theme park does well, it’s that you can get a taste of many, many things in a single day without needing a travel itinerary of busses, trains and tickets to make it possible. Seriously, within a few minutes walk you have access to a diverse range of Australian wildlife, waterslides, thrill rides, shows, tigers, beers, bacon, you name it, if it’s fun, it’s probably there. This is Dreamworld’s biggest strength, and why, if you’re struggling for time on your holiday, you should go for Dreamworld, there’s more than enough for two full days worth of experiences at the park for you to checkout, should you want to check off everything the park has to offer on your list.

We started our Dreamworld adventure late with some pancakes from Dreamworld’s new Parkway Partisserie.
Is bacon, ice cream and pancake a good combo? Jimmy’s face says it all.
Jimmy & Ben, the masters of pulling faces since 2016.
Hannah went for the non-bacon option. Lame.
Fun fact, this is Hannah’s & Yusuke’s first time to the park, so we really did go all out in having a normal, everyday experience at the park (typically Jimmy & I come here just for beers and Tiger Island, because we’re cool like that.)
While we wait for the pass processing centre to open, we checkout the 12pm session at the newly renovated Tiger Island.
Fun fact, you can grab a coffee (or beer) at the Noodle Hut to enjoy while you watch a show at Tiger Island.
Did I mention beers & Tiger Island is amazing? Oh, I did? Good.
…Because here’s one more photo just to really lock in how amazing the new Tiger Island is, especially with an ice cold bev.
Show’s done! Let’s get up and close with some tigers shall we?
Sometimes getting up and close has its drawbacks.
Amused Hannah? Alright, enough tigers, let’s do something else.
Tower of Terror II is tucked in just behind Tiger Island, so it’s an easy ride to tick off after a show.
I have no idea what we’re doing, but let’s appreciate that in this photo I actually have a chin for a change.
Jimmy, never change mate.
For the newcomers, waiting is part of the fun. For us serial theme park pests it’s time wasted not drinking beers.


Never been on Tower of Terror II before? This is what’s in store for you.

After Tower of Terror II, we hopped over to TailSpin and The Claw.
Can’t reach Hannah?
Strange, we can. Not to rub it in or anything though…
If you squint you can see some familiar faces.
More thrill rides down, now onto Sidewinder…
I don’t know what Jimmy is doing here, but everyone else looks normal, so that’s something.


Never been on Sidewinder? You’re in luck.

A quick stroll through Peter Brock’s Garage (it’s right next door to Sidewinder) we ventured to Dough Bros for, you guessed it…
Alright, enough faffing about, now it’s time for the big kahuna, The Giant Drop.
Alright, so Jimmy’s out, as for Yusuke…
…well, let’s just say he wasn’t the most confident rider on the planet.
But how did Yusuke feel afterwards? This photo I think sums it up well.
These days, no visit to Dreamworld is complete without carefully choreographing a jump photo infront of the globe and getting it woefully wrong over, and over, and over…
“I swear it’s simple! We just jump on 3…”
Getting there…
Go team!
But I guarantee you, for everyone that looks like they effortlessly pulled off a shot like this, there’s also two dozen shots that look like this one.
After a globe jump, we’re just in time to checkout a show at the Ice Cream parlour…
With the sun setting, we went to Corroboree and back to Tiger Island one last time to checkout all the cool wildlife.
Jimmy – “Wow, it even smells like Bali in here! That’s amazing!”
Of course, no trip is complete without a wander through the Lego Store. This Ferris wheel had motors and actually spun around. Amazing.
We ran out of time to checkout WhiteWater World today, but now that everyone has season passes i’m sure we’ll be back soon.
Yes, you’re not seeing things. Sometimes when we’re out and about we pickup groupees. It’s a thing.
“But I don’t wanna leave!”
Someone just put his grumpy pants on.
On the way to the car park, Jimmy proves that his selfie skills are second to none.
A great day? Definitely. Dreamworld’s such a great, well-rounded destination for thrill-seekers, animal lovers, beer connoisseurs, beacon enthusiasts…


Frankly, Dreamworld’s a tough destination to fault. The staff at the park are relentlessly helpful, happy & incredible and the offering is very well rounded. Naturally, we’ve glossed over the kids rides on this trip and a few other things, but by all means, even with a family of little ones, the park has everything from ABC Kids World to Dreamworks to keep everyone thoroughly entertained.




Dreamworld Guide & Review – Australia’s greatest one-stop experience
Hot Tip
Be sure to try the bacon pancakes before heading into the park and don't miss a Tiger Island presentation.
Bevs & Nibbles
Bang for Buck
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The Amazing
Tiger Island. Amazing.
The Giant Drop continues to be an incredible thrill ride nearly two decades on.
Tailspin is so under-rated.
Everything Else
They've closed some great foodstops to try and get people into the Parkway, halving our draught beer choices.
Park needs something ASAP to counter Movie World's new HyperCoaster
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