We started our Dreamworld adventure late with some pancakes from Dreamworld's new Parkway Partisserie. 

Bacon Pancakes – Dreamworld’s new way to start your day

In an oddly bizarre moment of normality, we shifted gears away from our usual beers & thrill rides at theme parks mantra and got to Dreamworld a little earlier than normal (well, 11am) to checkout the park’s newest addition, Parkway Patisserie (& Grill, but there’s no steaks or beers, so it doesn’t count).

What Parkway tries to do is act as a neat little food outlet that, like the Lego Store, guests can visit without entering the park. That means if the traffic on the M1 is bad (and odds are, it will be) you can hang back for some bites or make an impromptu visit solely for their range of amazing pancakes, which, naturally, we tried.

Parkway signage. You’ll see this along with a window to the kitchen as you exit the park.
Amazing baked goods, pancakes (until 11am) & coffee. Win.
Hipster angle of logos for the theme park geeks out there. You’re welcome.
Okay, down to brass tacks. What’s the food like?
We picked a granola option, three bacon options (naturally) and a bunch of coffees.
I was dubious about mixing sweet things with Bacon, but wow. Bacon, pancakes and some Ice Cream is quite literally an amazing breakfast. Hell, i’d have it for lunch or tea if I could.
Cue heart attack 3, 2….
Sidenote: the park swapped out Campos for Byron Bay Coffee. It’s far more wild, so be sure to ask for an extra shot to lock in that heart attack.


Overall, the Parkway Patisserie is a great addition to the park. What i’d like to see is for them to really dive in like they did with Dough Bros and make it a unique, fun space to relax in. Some outdoor seating plus some more plants wouldn’t go astray to help make the space feel less clinical and more intimate, and serving their premiere product (the pancakes) all day long would be a big win. Also, beer. Just saying.

The Parkway Patisserie & Grill is now open, so if you’re heading down to Dreamworld anytime soon, get there a little earlier and give it a crack for brekky, you won’t be disappointed.




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