Sunshine Coast rejoice! Aussie World is getting new thrill rides!

Today it was reported on Parkz (the country’s most popular theme park discussion site) that Aussie World, the Sunshine Coast’s quaint, fun Aussie themed amsuement park is getting a full suite of new thrill rides.

Courteous of a recent DA filing, images have shown the park is looking to get a number of rides, including:

Typhoon 360

Rainbow’s End in New Zealand has one of these. Think of The Claw at Dreamworld but instead of 240 degrees of total swing this baby does a full inversion. Stomach churning? Definitely.

Crazy Mouse Coaster

With the demise of Aussie World’s iconic wooden coaster, Wild Mouse, comes its steel replacement. A little stock standard (these are found everywhere the world over) but none the less a much needed replacement.

Zamperla Air Race

This is identical to Pandamonium at Dreamworld. Commonly known as a spin ‘n’ spew attraction, riders will, well, be spun around. A lot.

Zamperla Windstarz

Similar to your classic spinning seats on chains ride you rode as a kid, but modernised to fly up and down on top of having dual seats.

Drop Tower

At just 1/3 the height of The Giant Drop at Dreamworld, this isn’t going to be the coast’s biggest drop tower. But 40m is still high enough to get the heart racing, and will be a cool icon to look at as you pass Aussie World on the highway. In fact, Luna Park Sydney put in something identical a few years back called Hair Raiser (clip above).


Combine Dreamworld’s Tailspin with the old Enterprise ride that it replaced and you get one of these. Made by Technical Park (who’s also making the Typhoon 360 ride above) both this and the aforementioned Typhoon 360 will be the first permanent theme park models found in Australia.

Zamperla Star Fly

This made an appearance at the Ekka last year and is a crowd favourite. There’s just something about spinning that high up in the air with nothing but a few chains holding you in place that makes even a diehard thrill-seeker’s skin crawl.

What are your thoughts on these additions? I think it’ll finally bring some much needed thrill rides to the Sunshine Coast. After these additions, i’d hope they go all in like Adventure World did and buy something major, like a decent, head-turning roller-coaster.

For those curious, we’ve reposted the DA approvals below.

Finally, some decent thrill rides on the Sunshine Coast!
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