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Production & Safety

As a professional production company, we know how to get shots the right way. We pride ourselves by following Australia’s (and by extension, international) incredibly rigorous safety standards for filming & rigging equipment in & around attractions. We’re also backed by hefty public liability insurance for both your peace of mind (and ours.) We conduct ourselves professionally on-site and do our utmost minimise impact during filming.

Commercial licensing

Our vision has been seen by millions on global news networks, in print, billboards and more. For use in broadcast productions, please contact us.

Non-commercial social terms of use

Under strict guidelines mentioned below, OurWorlds allows reposting and use of both stills & vision, this includes:

  1. Any use of vision or photography is pre-approved by us via email only ([email protected]) before publication (absolutely no exceptions)
  2. A clear mention is made both in the video and in the first sentence of the description with a clearly working hyperlink to either our website or relevant social media profiles. Photography
  3. No other watermarks are displayed on vision at any time
  4. No ad-placement before, during or after or monetisation in its entirety is to be used in conjunction with any of our vision or photography at any time
  5. Any use outside of the terms of service, including but not limited to any monetisation or ad-placement in conjunction with use of any vision or photography may result in one or all of the following: a take-down notice issued on your video; a restriction on any current or future use of vision, licensed or otherwise; standard commercial licensing fees.

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