Movie World's latest roller-coaster tops out at a very solid 62m and features some incredible elements, including a non-inverting loop and a twisting vertical dive.


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Brief History & Mantra

Established in 2012, OurWorlds has been an Aussie staple for theme park news and content. Our primary goal is to set the bar on creating the highest quality, cinematic theme park content found anywhere in the world that’s also insightful, useful and engaging. Over the last decade, our content has been leveraged by theme parks in massive multi-million dollar campaigns, and our editorial has bucked the opinions of hundreds of thousands of readers, all hungry to understand what’s really going on at our theme parks both here and abroad.

Our secret sauce is about making theme parks extremely approachable – by making our content useful for everyone from industry experts to mums looking to plan their next family outing, we’ve built an audience that’s unique as it is united in its passion for all things theme parks and fun.

Advertising & Partners

For over a decade OurWorlds has created content, both written and visual, that’s redefined what high-quality creative looks like in the tourism and leisure space. We welcome media invites for consideration, as do we encourage sponsored content and collaborations with brands. For further information, please use the contact form below.

Production & Safety

Our sister company (Kampai) is a Brisbane-based production company, and as creative professionals, we know how to get shots the right way. We pride ourselves by following Australia’s (and by extension, international) safety standards for filming & rigging equipment in & around amusement devices. We also carry liability insurance and have worked with dozens of theme parks on hundreds of rides over the last decade without a single safety incident. We conduct ourselves professionally on-site and do our utmost minimise impact on guests and businesses during filming. For more information regarding our rigging and safety procedures, please use the contact form below.

Social Media Use

We believe in fair use of our content that mutually benefits both creatives and the tourism industry at large. As such, we allow social media use of our content provided it meets the following conditions :

  • For photography re-sharing onto social media channels (Instagram & Facebook), no prior approval is necessary, provided all other conditions are met.
  • For use of our video content, approval is required either by using the contact form below or via social media prior to publication.
  • A clear, clickable link to the relevant and appropriate OurWorlds social media channel must be in the first sentence of the description.
  • No other watermarks are added to any content at any time. Existing watermarks can not be altered or removed at any time.
  • Content can not be altered from the original artistic intent (e.g. changing exposure, crop, saturation etc.)
  • Any use of OurWorlds content that fails to meet the conditions set out on this page, including but not limited to commercial use of any vision or photography without consent, may result in a DMCA take-down notice and/or licensing fees being issued.

Commercial Licensing

We work directly with global production companies and theme parks (from Disney to Dreamworld) in producing and licensing creative that is seen by millions on TV shows, advertisements, print advertising, websites and even billboards. For enquiries on new creative production or existing content licensing, please use the contact form below.

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