What’s the deal with Movie World’s Afterglow?

If you haven’t ridden what’s arguably the country’s best roller-coaster in the dark (that of course is the fuchsia mess that is DC Rivals HyperCoaster), or if you’re keen for a slightly different way to warm up your winter weekends, Movie World, as if almost out of thin air, have thrown on a new night event for you to check out.

What’s it all about?

It’s called Afterglow, and for a few extra hours every Friday & Saturday this June, and un-like almost nearly all other previous events in recent years (like Fright Nights or White Christmas) this new event is included in the price of your day ticket. This will come as a nice surprise for season pass holders – it’s a great incentive hustle together your mates and capitalise on some particularly long theme park day trips.

For those wishing to stay on after the typical 5pm close & enjoy what Afterglow has to offer will find themselves huddled around the Main Street fountain, where you’ll find DJ’s (with different acts every night), roving entertainment, food and of course, some rides.

At an even known as Afterglow, it’s only fair to assume body-paint was a no brainer. Picture credit: Daniel Males
The amount of fire twirlers and fire canons is less glow and more singe (and i’m totally cool with that). Picture Credit: Daniel Males

Night Event Lite Edition

Here’s the clincher to Afterglow though, by some rides, I really mean just three (yep, three) attractions are open at Afterglow; the aforementioned Rivals, Superman Escape & Batwing. Looking a little deeper still, whilst it’s great there’s roving entertainment, it’s the same you would’ve seen earlier in the year at Carnivale or indeed inside the park during the day. It’s these kind of specifics that make the cynic within wonder if some aspects of Afterglow were perhaps an Afterthought – an event haphazardly thrown together at the last minute in a play to get more folks back one more time before shareholders circle in on the numbers come tax time.

Shortcomings aside, I do like Afterglow and I very much like the idea of our odd, little collection of theme parks continuing to follow in the steps of their North American brethren in evolving into destinations that offer more than what punters have come to know as a typical theme park experience.

I don’t know how she does it. Picture Credit: Jack Hilton
I’m guessing neither do they. Picture Credit: Jack Hilton
If you’re into DJ sets and a quick crack at a few thrill rides, Afterglow is for you. Picture Credit: Daniel Males


Afterglow continues on every Friday & Saturday until the end of the month and is included in all day entry tickets. You can find out what DJ’s are playing on specific dates at the official Afterglow page.

Photo Credits: Daniel Males & Jack Hilton


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