And we'll finish this update with just two totally kickass shots of Rivals from up in the air.

DC Rivals HyperCoaster track complete as anticipation grows

Feast your eyes upon greatness, folks – the DC Rivals HyperCoaster’s track (at Warner Bros. Movie World) is now 100% complete. It’s just incredible. If you’re driving from Brisbane, as you jump off the highway and turn right, going under the highway overhead as you drive towards the park boxes your view in with nothing but ground to sky roller-coaster awesomeness. So without further adieu, let’s crack on with some incredible content of one helluva thrill ride.

Now when you enter the park, you see greatness.
With the lift hill now in place as of Friday, it totally dwarfs everything else in the entire park.
Look. At. This. Thing. Of. Beauty.
If you’re not a regular to this site, let me just say simply that this drop is completely bonkers.
I’m calling it – I guarantee you this’ll be the new theme park shot of 2017/2018.
Sixty metres up, 115k/ph down. Any takers?
It’s tough to capture how much this just towers over everything.
Repeat after me. Big ride, little ride.
And again. Big ride, little ride.
The lift hill isn’t technically finished, the Joker’s face is still missing from the top.
But hey, give it a few weeks and i’m sure it’ll turn up.
This is where the poo will come out.
Just beyond the last few bunny-hops is some signs of what theming will come with this new ride.
Before I forget though, big ride, little ride.
Look at the height difference between the first drop and the camelback/air-time hill. Crazy.
Look at this sexy bit of kit.
This’ll also be one of those token shots I guarantee every theme park related Instagram account will capture soon.
You thought there’d be no hipster photos in this update? Hah! Think again.
Hopefully before the ride opens they’ll make sure they remove all the rakes they’ve placed on top of the fen… oh wait a second..
And we’ll finish this update with just two totally kickass shots of Rivals from up in the air.
Just FYI, this was captured from a public space maintaining CASA’s Drone regulations. However, i’d absolutely love to get in close with the ride soon and capture it in a whole new light. 😉
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