Rivals HyperCoaster gets some air-time (hills)

Another day, another DC Rivals HyperCoaster update. Today’s focus is mainly on the first major hill post-drop being dropped into place. Read on as I attempt to insert humour & wit into somewhere it doesn’t belong.

Future token theme park nerd shot.
Ohhhh! Cool boxes! They’re empty, but still, cool boxes.
So the first big airtime hill is being installed today.
Remember, the first drop will be twice the height of what’s in place currently.
Some say (mainly me) you’ll get a crap-load of negative g’s on this first airtime hill.
But we interrupt the photos of that for this artsy shot of construction.
I dunno what these are, but here’s another artsy photo anyway.
Here’s a slightly less artsy photo of stuff on-site.
Okay, back to the airtime hill.
So much pink and grey.
This just in, nothing’s changed here since our last update.
There’s some cables holding supports in place.
Some of the supports are getting pretty cray cray in design.
A sea of girthy lift hill supports await their fate.
Stuff is definitely happening.
Such a sexy ride.
Medium Shot.
Aaaand further away shot.
Theme park nerds will appreciate this.
If you want to get up close with track, now’s your chance, because it’s super close to the fence.
See! So close you can almost taste the strange colour of the track.
By the time I embarrassingly walked the perimeter of the fence they had placed another support beam.
More artsy, because you love it.
The mystery of the missing beam has been solved! Now with a little cut in it.
Let’s be honest here, the fact that you can fabricate something on the other side of the world and get it 99% right is amazing in itself.
Coming soon to a photo like this: an airtime hill.
And this one too.
Did I say wit and humour? Sorry, but hey, here’s a wider look at what’s happening. Stay tuned for more.

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