With this new exhibit I guarantee you'll go eye to eye with a tiger, and for guests, that's a rare and unique experience that's tough to find anywhere else in the world.

A look at Tiger Island’s new exhibit

As Dreamworld continues to remain positive and defiant against a relentless media machine (and competitors building industry re-defining roller-coasters to boot), the park has continued to improve its current offerings for guests, albeit a little later than initially expected. One of the more notable additions is the ongoing efforts to upgrade Tiger Island into a more immersive and complete experience, one that allows you to get up and close with the enclosure’s many inhabitants.

With the addition of lanterns and other ongoing touches, Tiger Island continues to feel more immersive and intimate than ever before.
The newest addition to Tiger Island is a new exhibit at the end of area.
The signage to the area’s entrances really set the vibe well from the outset.
The two exhibits, one on each end, are all about getting up and close with the tigers (and occasionally, cougars) on display.
This new exhibit achieves exactly that, and gives kids some interesting ways to go nose to nose with the big cats.
How close? This close.
Like, seriously close.
To say there’s new photo opportunities is an understatement.
With this new exhibit I guarantee you’ll go eye to eye with a tiger, and for guests, that’s a rare and unique experience that’s tough to find anywhere else in the world.
Take the tunnel?
It’s cool, you don’t have to if you don’t want to.
Judging by original artwork, there’s still a bit left to do in terms of jazzing this enclosure up.
In the mean time, any opportunity for kids to get up close with endangered animals and learn more about conservation is a major win in my mind.
If nothing else, painting the walls like the other exhibit (known as The Lair) would be a great start.
It’s tough to beat being this up close with a tiger.
A final look at the new exhibit from ground level.
Haven’t been to Tiger Island lately? It’s definitely time to then! There’s so much to see and do, it’s an unmissable attraction if you’re popping in to Dreamworld.
What are your thoughts on the new Tiger Island? Leave your comments below!


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