Where’s the best beers at our theme parks?

You’ve ridden the country’s biggest rides, you’ve endured countless hours of queues, families who think they have right of way & repetitive queue line videos with strange American accents and you’re in dire need of a decent beer to cool off but don’t know where to start.

Well, fear not, because we, like every red-blooded Australian, love a good beer, and have been partial to enjoying a beer or two at our gold coast parks. And before, you go “well I don’t exactly think beers and rides would mix” let me correct you by saying there’s a great reason why there’s so many awesome rides at Oktoberfest. That’s right, the germans figured the formula decades ago. So why not follow in their foot-steps and chase a cool ride with an even cooler bevvy with mates?

Warner Bros. Movie World – Dirty Harry Grill

Whenever you can mix char grilled meat with beer you’re on a winner. That’s why Dirty Harry Bar has always gotten my vote, although to be fair, the park really is void of choices. In the future i’d love to see Stars Cafe (that building near the front of the park with the terrace) get the same treatment as Dirty Harry Bar so beer-lovers have another prime spot to enjoy the park without separating themselves from their favourite drip.

Beer of choice: 50 Lashes Pale Ale

Hot Tip: Sit outside. You’ll have to endure the stock audio track that plays over and over outside of Scooby Doo Coaster, but it’ll be worth to not be locked up in a dark bar inside.

Sea World – Dockside Tavern

One of the classics for a beer. Because almost nothing beats a cold drink with mates while watching Sea World’s iconic dolphins leisurely cruise around in their lagoons. A mainstay destination for grabbing a beer for decades. The thai beef salad isn’t too bad, either.

Beer of choice: Heneiken

Hot Tip: Sit on the southern end to watch the dolphins.

Sea World Resort – Lobby

The picture-esque grounds combined with the bustling yet quiet atmosphere of one of the coast’s busiest resorts makes for a nice place to finish off a long day. The best part? Kirin’s on tap. Winning.

Hot Tip: best place to watch the sunset, bar none.

Beer of choice: Kirin (Draught)

Dreamworld – Dough Bros.

Main Street has continued to be a hive of activity, and being able to bask in the atmosphere while enjoying a beer is always a pleasure. A note for the park though, it’d be worth investing in better audio systems, because there’s nothing worse than watching talented people sing over in the Ice Cream Parlour while the park’s radio system plays something different overhead at Dough Bros.

Beer of choice: 50 lashes or Superdry, both on tap.

Hot Tip: Sit outside and enjoy the park’s amazing vibes.

Dreamworld – Peter Brock’s Garage

Is it a really, really hot day? For those unaware, just inside Peter Brock’s Garage is a seating area where you can bring in food (or beer) and enjoy some sweet, sweet air-con. Word of warning though, every 15 minutes you will have videos of Peter Brock drown out any chance of conversation for approximately three minutes. #cangetawkward

Beer of choice: Stone & Wood on tap.

Dreamworld – Tiger Island

Not sure if you’ve noticed this yet, but Dreamworld is the place to go if you want to enjoy a beer at a theme park. In fact, if they didn’t serve beers in plastic cups, they’d win unanimously against Sea World & Movie World. In any case, just like the Dockside Tavern (mentioned above) there’s just something about having a cold one while watching wildlife that takes the cake here, and Tiger Island is no different. The only blight here is that the park used to have two amazing beers on tap (Kirin and Superdry) and instead have replaced it altogether with a coffee machine, so now it’s only bottled beers if you want to watch Tigers (& Pat) play on the island.


Hot Tip: Grab a chair on the top level of the Tiger Island arena for a quiet view that allows you take everything in while you drink.

Two sidenotes

  • This isn’t a guide on how to get drunk at your local theme park, this is a recommendation to enjoy what’s on offer that you might not be aware of. Have a good time and always be mindful of other guests.
  • You can get beers at WhiteWater World & Wet ‘n’ Wild, but i’ve left them out because of the above. Drink responsibly.



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