As for photo opps during the day, the park has you covered.

Movie World to become “DC World” for school holidays

The title’s maybe stretching the truth a little bit, but if you or your kids are into the comic book scene, or you’re just feeling empowered after watching WonderWoman, then Movie World is a must do these school holidays. Running until the 3rd July, the park’s “DC Super Heroes Vs. Supervillains” adds a myriad of paid and included options for you to choose from, including a huge new parade come show every night at 6pm.

Put simply, if you’ve got little ones, the paid options are definitely right up your alley. The character buffet breakfast comes with souvenir photos to take with you, and at $29 for kids and $49 it’s a stress free way to kickstart the day. There’s also Junior Justice League, which, at $99 (for kids) is an epic pre-park adventure where kids get to do super hero training. The best bit? They get to keep their capes too. Wicked.

For the older kids, (or those who want that sweet, sweet VIP treatment) you can also splurge and get the ultimate experience, which includes all the line skipping, buffet brekky & lunch, and special access you can handle for $99-$149 (age pending).

As for the vibes, well, read on and check out the photos…

As for photo opps during the day, the park has you covered.
Seriously, it’s amazing just how many characters are out and about during the day.
Want to look like a superhero, even just for a day? Movie World’s got you covered.
I’m not sure which super-villain this guy is… Crazy-clown…dude? Who knows.
Coming soon to a Movie World instagram post near you – token ice cream shot.
There’s also Bat Bread. (Sidenote: not recommend for throwing at enemies)
Did I mention how photogenic the park is right now? There’s so many cool spots like this to get photos with your mates.
It’s not just modern characters either, there’s a whole suite of retro characters and vehicles to boot.
Whoever’s playing the Riddler needs a pay-rise.
Knowing about this super-villain makes me feel very, very old.
You’re getting the message here right? Even if you don’t pay for one of the additional packages, you’re still going to have a kickass time.
You’d be crazy to miss the nightly parade.
Without spoiling it, there’s plenty of surprises and reveals throughout the show.
This guy gets it.
It’s no Joke, you’ll have a smashing great time.


Photo Credit: Luke Sciacchitano (you can checkout his Flickr here).

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