This will dominate the skyline. Get excited.

DC Rivals HyperCoaster now as tall as Green Lantern

Here’s a fresh update on how DC Rivals HyperCoaster is doing. In short, already the lift hill is looking massive, and it’s barely half built.

Here’s what you see when you drive in now. Almost everything close to the highway is now complete.
Close-ups of support beams. Because beams get the clicks.
Same thing, kind of different angle. Because don’t deny it, you love it.


Dreamworld, stop putting up signs like this. No one’s falling for it.
Here’s what a half built non-inverting loop looks like if you stand where I was standing.
Here’s some lift hill awaiting trial, uh, I mean, awaiting placement.
The apex of the lift hill catwalk awaits assembly underneath the massive structure already in place.
How big is it you ask?
Well, for perspective, if Green Lantern is roughly 30 metres then the hypercoaster will be DOUBLE this height again.
This will dominate the skyline. Get excited.


Stay tuned for more updates as DC Rivals HyperCoaster continues to be built at Warner Bros. Movie World. Like this update? Share it with your mates!



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