To start us off this update, here's some hipster lens flarey photography of track waiting to be erected.

Movie World’s still un-announced hypercoaster goes vertical

G’day! Here’s a quick photo update of some roller-coaster construction (also known as #hypercoasterwatch2017) at Warner Bros. Movie World, Australia, over the last week. Things are certainly starting to take shape, with what’s rumoured to be the country’s biggest & costliest ever ride, now going into vertical construction.

To start us off this update, here’s some hipster lens flarey photography of track waiting to be erected.
The entire roadway has been redirected around the big section of the carpark where the track is being stored temporarily.
I hear what you’re thinking, god damn track making it harder for me to get to my rides! Thankfully, from all accounts, when this ride is completely erect (hah), it’ll be a truly unique experience.
Top Golf bits are also being stored here, because #yolo
More hipster flare to differentiate my pictures from the other 3,000 Facebook fan pages.
Alright, here’s the real shot. How pretty is stuff being built, ammirite?
Oh yeah, speaking of vertical erections, here’s some supports going up.
If you’ve been getting around the “enthusiast facebook pages” (stop it, you’re so naughty) you’d be forgiven for thinking this is a lift hill. Let me settle this once and for all, it’s, uhm, not. So yeah.
Is it Fuchsia? Magenta? Hot Pink? RGB? CMYK? Pantone? Who will win!?
Just to add to the fun of #colourgate2017, i’ve used different filters during this update so the track colour keeps changing. Enjoy!
This is where awesomeness will go. I guarantee it.
More footings for awesomeness. This is looking towards Wet ‘n’ Wild.
In a stunning display of backward thinking, here’s a shot of the front entrance looking into the track staging area, in the middle of the update.
Here’s one shot of the same thing for more crazy fan level coverage.
Oh, okay, i’ve had my fun, here’s a non-filtered, non-hipster, boring old photo of roller-coaster track.
And here’s one more, with Green Lantern and its awesome video screen shining brightly.


UPDATE: Just as this post was about to go live, the fun police at TPAGG (Theme Parks A Go-Go is super reputable, just FYI) posted an update that outdates this one. Figuring that most parody sites always outdo the legitimate ones, we begged for their photos to post here. Thanks lad(s)!

Taken this arvo – this photo proves that #colourgate2017 will continue to live on.
Reckon I can fit one more erection joke in?
First track pieces = erect and in place, solid as a rock.


There you have it folks! Insert message here about “staying tuned” for all the best and coolest updates on Movie World’s still un-announced 2017 hypercoaster, #colourgate2017 and all your favourite erection puns.

Side note: I really, dearly hope they announce this ride soon, because many parks like Blackpool & Liseberg are already announcing their 2018 (yes, you read that right, 2018) roller-coasters, and personally – I really want this coaster to be a huge success so that there’s justification to build more stuff like this in Australia in the future. From a marketing sense, I believe part of making that happen is “hyping” up brand loyalists about the crazy, crazy good product that’s now due in mere months.  At this point in construction, big parks like Disney & even local ones like Adventure World would be well into teasing and hyping diehard fans and everyday guests. I’d just love, love, LOVE to see heaps of content i.e. POV’s, construction time-lapses etc. hitting our eyeballs for us to share around and make as many people as possible aware of this crazy beast being built, buuuuuut until then, you’ll just have to make do with the construction update below. 😉 



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