Sneak Peek at Australia’s first LEGO Store at Dreamworld

Australia’s first LEGO Store at Dreamworld has officially arrived. Towering next to the park’s signature entrance, we were able to step inside, albeit briefly, and checkout the bounty of literally millions of tiny multi-coloured bricks.

I haven’t picked up a signature iconic plastic brick in quite a while, so I was personally interested as to what the hype was all about. In a nutshell, there’s five key reasons you’ll want to make a visit:


1.  Pick A Brick Wall – Literally five tonnes of bricks (making it one of the biggest in the world) are in the centre of the store for you to custom build whatever your heart desires.

2. Custom LEGO engraving – fancy something unique for your keychain? Or just want to make it your own? You can have your creation engraved in-store. Neat.

3. Make Your Own Mini-Figure – Because who doesn’t want a LEGO version of themselves?

4. Awesome life-size LEGO Models – Ever seen those crazy statues made out of LEGO online? Now you can see them IRL, keyboard warrior. At our sneak peek only the Storm Troopers were on display, with another eight to be revealed opening day.

5.Limited collection LEGO – Did you know LEGO goes up in value more then gold or stocks? Time to stock up for the next impending market crash, should you want something to keep its monetary value in the coming years.

For those who want to check out the new LEGO Store, it opens to the public this Saturday at 9am. You don’t even need a Dreamworld pass to enter, anyone can simply come and LEGO as they please.

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