Dreamworld to re-open 10th December

Good news for those who are struggling to get through the mid-week hump – after six long weeks following the tragic incident aboard the Thunder River Rapids ride that killed four guests, Dreamworld is set to re-open in just over two weeks.

Craig Davidson, CEO of Dreamworld & WhiteWater World announced this morning that the park will re-open the gates in a limited capacity December 10-11.

Dreamworld entrance at sunset.
Dreamworld entrance at sunset.


Should I go re-opening weekend?

At this stage, yes, for two reasons. For one, Parkz members have shared that both parks have had considerable love and care to their presentation while they have remained closed. From all accounts, when they re-open, it’ll be a beautiful place to visit again. Dreamworld is also running an “open hearts, open doors” fundraiser during the first weekend, where $25 from every ticket purchase goes to the Red Cross. For those of you not in the loop, Red Cross are working with GIVIT, who are working directly with the families and those affected.


Have the prices changed for summer?

Early indicators from Dreamworld’s website indicate significant price drops across the board for all ticket levels. Prior to the incident in October, ticket prices specifically for Dreamworld (not including WhiteWater World) were very much in line with Village’s prices for both Movie World & Sea World, starting at $79 for a one day adult ticket. When Dreamworld & WhiteWater World re-open, a one day entry ticket for both parks will start at $65 for an adult, representing significant value for holiday goers over the summer holiday season.

Will everything be open?

To quote the press release…

The Dreamworld attractions re-opening from 10 December include all WhiteWater World slides and pools along with the park’s wildlife areas, entertainment and family attractions in DreamWorks Experience, Wiggles World, ABC KIDS WORLD and the Motorsports Experience.

Long story short, it seems as though the major thrill rides will remained closed and will open one by one as they pass their safety checks.

Does that mean it’s still unsafe?

Whoa, hold up there cowboy. Let’s not be too incredulous, here. Instead, let’s be realistic and logical for a second here. Heaven forbid, should anything bad happen in the near future it would irreparably destroy Dreamworld’s reputation. That’s why they’ve got state safety experts, internal safety teams, Pitt & Sherry & LTC looking over every nook & cranny before they re-open any major attractions. Long story short, they’re not taking any chances, and while the media looks over waiting to pounce, being 100% confident in their attractions has never been more important.

More news to come.

Source: Dreamworld

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