Movie World’s 2016 Thrill Ride Announced – Doomsday Destroyer

Hot off the press this afternoon – Warner Bros. Movie World, one of Australia’s main theme parks, officially announced “Doomsday Destroyer,” the long-rumoured and widely speculated new addition to the park. Coined a “monstrous looping ride” by the park’s website, it’ll feature front and centre as part of a new “DC Comics Super Villains Unleashed” precinct at Movie World. In the last month the park’s been ripping up a largely dormant western area of the park, so the announcement comes as no surprise to what looks to be a huge year for the Gold Coast’s big theme parks.  As for what “Doomsday Destroyer” will actually be, while the park hasn’t confirmed what attraction will be built, Parkz writer Richard Wilson makes a great observation about the likelihood of a Twin Hammer ride similar to Fuji-Q Highland’s “Panic Clock” ride. He writes:

…”Monstrous looping” all but rules out the original Doomsday Tower concept (a concept shown by the park back in 2013)… Intamin has been a hotly speculated manufacturer in the Parkz discussion about 2016’s attraction. … (they) manufacture a range of attractions that could fit the description, most notably the Suspended Twin Hammer, a modern take on the classic ‘pirate ship’ style of attraction…”

What do you think it’ll be? Currently the the area is on track for an October launch with what is speculated will be an even bigger 2017 next year; further speculation points towards a potentially world-class coaster being built in time for the Commonwealth Games in 2018.

Panic Clock, a Vekoma Air Jump ride similar to Intamin's Twin Hammer ride at Fuji-Q Highlands, Japan.
Panic Clock, a Vekoma Air Jump ride similar to Intamin’s Twin Hammer ride at Fuji-Q Highlands, Japan.

From Warner Bros. Movie World’s website:

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 1.56.39 PM 1

Warner Bros. Movie World is set for a villainous take-over with the announcement of the world-first DC Comics Super-Villain Unleashed themed area and the Doomsday Destroyer attraction launching in October 2016.

DC Comics Super-Villains Unleashed, an immersive themed area, will become home to the Doomsday Destroyer, a monstrous looping ride like nothing else that will unleash an army of DC Super-Villains upon Warner Bros. Movie World. The aim is to leave mass destruction in their wake in order to prove that sometimes it’s good to be bad.

Sources Parkz & Warner Bros. Movie World


Editor’s Note: a reader has pointed out that “Panic Clock” at Fuji-Q Highlands is a slightly varied model.


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