Introducing yet another theme park blog.

“Hooruh!” i’m sure were your first words. We get it. There’s been an influx of these fly-by-night pop-up operations that seem to come and go with the wind. Trust me when I say this, your pessimism is acknowledged and justified.

And you know what, i’ve been personally feeling the same way for a long while too. Why is it that there’s no clucky, funny, good looking sites around online dedicated to theme parks and rides and all that sort of nonsense? When you look to the world of gadgets and gaming, there’s just a swarm of great reading, from Engadget to The Verge, there’s just no shortage of witty, well written pieces that are a pleasure to read, but when you shift your gaze back to the world of fun.. Nada’. Nothing. Finito.

Sure. There’s the Theme Park Review guys who do a good enough job of POV’s, and then there’s Screamscape and a few others who do great “Twitter-esque” bursts of news (and by “Twitter-esque” I mean short and to the point but certainly not juicy or rich with content) which then makes you ask who the bloody hell is actually writing anything of journalistic merit?

And that’s precisely what I want to do with OurWorlds. Sure, it’s a pretty camp name. And yes, the website design is simple and to the point. And that’s the key I think – all I want to do with this is write up killer articles, post some awesome photos, hopefully some great video footage and keep you all as up to date as possible with what’s buzzing around in the world of thrills.

Sounds exciting? I thought so. Lock yourselves in folks. Let’s do something great.


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